‘Tis the Season…for Yellow Jackets

No, it isn’t Christmas yet…but it IS yellow jacket season, now through the end of October. Yellow jackets are out in full force, and they can be destructive. For example, if they get into the eaves of your home, they can pull apart sheet rock, eating into the walls and ceilings of your home. When agitated, yellow jackets can also sting you and your pets, so watch out!

How can you get rid of these petulant pests? First, look for their nest. If you can’t find it, you need to hire a professional to locate and destroy the nest. If you can see the yellow jacket nest hanging in a tree, however, you may be able to get rid of the nest yourself. Call or stop by our retail store in downtown Kent, Washington for advice on how to destroy the nest. We also sell the needed products to kill the yellow jackets.

If you prefer to go the professional route, AAA Pest Control usually only needs to treat for the yellow jackets one time and that treatment is guaranteed, so if the bees come back, so do we! Visit our Specials Page for a special discount on the treatment of yellow jackets good now through Sept. 15, 2010.


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Co-owner of AAA Pest Control in Kent, Washington.
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